Day center for developmentally challenged persons in Brus

In the early 2002 a group of parents of developmentally challenged children from Brus gathered within Society for help to developmentally challenged persons “Little Bee” and started with workshops which attended 4-6 beneficiaries.
In 2008, they formed a Day center and started providing support through educational, recreational and fun activities, every day from 8am to 3pm, for up to 15 developmentally challenged persons. Although Society “Little Bee” received facilities from the Municipality for Day center, they constantly struggled with funding, which was usually project based, and there were times when Day center operated on voluntary bases, with no funds.
In order to secure funding and continuous operating of Day center, Society “Little Bee” started advocacy initiative which resulted with a success. Municipality Brus allocated $11,444 for providing service of Day center in 2015. Brus Municipality also started with creating Decision on social care services which will include service of Day center for developmentally challenged children. Their achievement is significant since their initial goal was to induce the service with a decision, while they managed also to get funds for providing the service.
The support for the initiative was huge in the community as well. Society “Little Bee” was supported by local entrepreneurs, local TV Brus and Radio Television Krusevac, prominent sportsmen and citizens. Public activities which they organized within campaign always included beneficiaries but also a great number of citizens. In August, Society “Little Bee” took part in local manifestation Days of Brus Municipality, by organizing inclusive art workshops and an exhibition. On the last day of manifestation, during the official session of Brus Municipality, Society for help to developmentally challenged persons “Bee” has received acknowledgment for their contribution to support to children with developmental challenges.

Initiative is supported by Trag Foundation, within its program Social Care Reform Initiative, which is implemented with financial assistance from American Agency for International Development.