"Eco fun camp"

Young activists of Kragujevac, together with foreign volunteers, organized summer volunteer camp in order to arrange park and favorite picnic site “Ilina voda” of Kragujevac citizens. This action was a great test for youth activism and organization Environmental Assiciation of camp fans "Eco fun camp", and it was successfully completed.

Although faced with several unexpected challenges, they manage to overcome those. They faced bad weather and rainy days in June and that had to postpone the camp for two weeks, or problems with supply of food and refreshments for the camp. Also, the fact that they had to follow the procedure for exemption from VAT for all payments, additionally challenged them, but they manage to overcome all the challenges with persistence and patience.

They made cooperation with PUC City Parks and a great number of volunteers who joined their activities on arranging park. The camp lasted for 4 days, and gathered 48 young people, volunteers from Kragujevac and nearby places. For most of the young volunteers this was a first true and exciting experience of staying in a camp and sleeping in tents. With this activity, this youth organization pointed to a problem of neglected picnic area, and together with neighbor citizens, they manage to arrange it. They mowed all the green areas of the field, cleaned garbage, repaired and painted benches and trash cans in the park, restored playground, etc. Volunteers also had workshops and lectures on environment, energy efficiency, water, sun energy, forests, etc. In addition to all these activities, they also organized parties for volunteers and guided tours of the city of Kragujevac, and most importantly, this youth organization “Eco fan camp” had learned a lot and whit this activity become prepared to organize its first international campus.


Media also reported on their activities (Radio Television of Serbia, RTV Kragujevac). For more information on “Eco fan camp” please visit their Fb page. Trag Foundation supported this project with 349,560 RSD.
Financial support for Active Communities program was provided by the EU Delegation in Serbia and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the program was implemented in partnership with the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC)​​. Also, support for the financing of the program was given by the Balkan Trust for Democracy and the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society of the Republic of Serbia.