Trstenik – Solidarity at Work

One of the places heavily affected by floods was Trastenik Municipality, that will face power shortage in the following months despite the recovery process.
That situation is still better than the few days ago when entire Trstenik was  hit  by the flash flood.

In the moments after, the first to respond where the members of civil society that, together with citizens, succeeded to organize flood defense and help delivery.

“We were self-organized due to sluggish response of the Crisis headquarters that didn't even function in the first few days. Fortunately, we were not hindered, and the heavy situation has led to active cooperation with other civil society organizations, members of municipality council of Grabovac and Ljubostinjski Prnjavor and people from these two settlements that were heavily flooded,” said Alekandar  Kandić from association Jerina's Town.

At that moment, under direct threat were 1000 citizens in village Grabovac, 50 babies and 150 children up to 10 years, and the first to reach the vulnerable were members from association Jerina's Town. Together with Trag Foundation, CRTA, Cultural Center REX, Faculty for Security and New Belgrade Sports Hall, they have sent the truck with over 2 tones of food, clothes, hygienic products for women and children and some blankets.

“During the first days of work on removing sludge, when machines and vehicles could not pass through Grabovac streets, the biggest contribution was made by local associations, village sports clubs, hunters, amateur actors, meaning all those that volunteer in organizations”, Aleksandar said.

According to his words, local self-management and Crisis headquarters also reacted promptly. Municipality has sent big number of bulldozers, skippers and trucks.

And besides maximal efforts of everyone in the filed, the damage is enormous, and agriculture is 100% wasted in certain parts of municipality. Recovery of this municipality will not be short nor easy. Now, the ball is in the yard of the Serbian Government, whose help paired with solidarity and unity on a local level, could lead to faster recovery.