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Tenth annual competition of the VIRTUS award for philanthropy

By revealing the „Reflection of Good“ which is part of the „Goodness Uncovered“ campaign launch, Trag Foundation opened the competition for the 10th VIRTUS Award for Philanthropy. Like previous years, the award will be presented to businesses and individuals who have contributed to the public good and provided long term and effective support to non-profit initiatives and organizations in the year 2015/16.



Projects Supported in June Round of Active Communities Program

In June Round of decision making Trag Foundation has supported projects of 8 civil society organizations  and informal groups from Serbia, in the total amount of 2,350,837.00 dinars. Financial assistance to the program Active Communities in 2016 is provided by Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Balkan Trust for Democracy and Foundation  Kinderperspective from Netherlands.




Stronger and Sustainable with Local Support

The team of Trag Foundation has strengthen capacities for fundraising of 55 representatives of organizations from the region. The training named Stronger and More Sustainable with Local Support  - fundraising from local resources - for organizations and networks from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia took place  in Petrovac in Montenegro, from July 12th to 14th. Supported organizations are part of the regional program Empowering women's organizations and movement for fighting violence against women, conducted in partnership between Oak Foundation and Trag Foundation.



Trag Foundation member of the newly established Council for Corporate Social Responsibility of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Council for Corporate Social Responsibility was established today on Board of Directors Meeting of Serbian Chamber of Commerce that will represent its consultative body. Members of the Council are representatives of business sector, foundations and NGOs, recognized for their engagement and devotion to the principles of corporate social responsibility.



Safe passage and protection for all refugees in transit through Serbia should be a priority

On the occasion of marking World Refugee Day, B92 Fund and Foundation Trag as initiators of Info Park Project that for the last nine months helped almost 150.000 refugees in transit through Serbia, call on all the actors to continue to put maximum efforts into securing safe passage and protection of all refugees in Serbia.



Trag foundation provides 10 tickets for its staff and partners to attend Alan Clayton's Workshop NEW AMBITION

 For more than a decade, Trag Foundations is dedicated to the promotion of local philanthropy and fundraising from local resources. Through its various range of programs, Trag Foundation provides education on fundraising and financial sustainability to local organizations. Trag foundation itself introduces new practices of fundraising - such as major giving and establishment of the first financial endowment in Serbia. 






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